• GreenTech Committed to Greener, Healthier and Safer Environment
  • Let the waste of the "sick" not contaminate the lives of the "healthy"
  • Let us incinerate hazardous wastes
  • Commitment to zero discharge
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Welcome To GreenTech Environ Management Private Limited


1. We have been successfully running our CBWTF at Siliguri for the last 9 years treating and recycling biomedical wastes generated at all Health Care Establishments in eight(8) North Bengal Districts of West Bengal.

2. We have set up a modern CBWTF at Mograhat in South 24 Paraganas in West Bengal to cater to all Health Care Establishments in and around Kolkata and South Bengal districts.

3. Winner of SME-Empowering India Awards 2019.

4. We are the proud recipient of Kolkata Green Future Leadership Award 2017 for providing service towards preservation of the environment by providing proper biomedical waste treatment services at all Health Care Establishments in West Bengal.

5. GreenTech Environ is the first CBWTF in West Bengal to install Online Air Quality Monitoring System as per CPCB Guidelines.

6. Greentech Environ begins full-fledged solid and plastic waste Management services in KMD.

GreenTech Environ Management Pvt. Ltd is one of the leading Waste Management companies in East India. Founded in 2011, GreenTech has forayed into Solid Waste Management and will work towards compliance with waste management policies and guidelines for Biomedical, Solid, E-waste management.
Biomedical Waste Management
Bio-Medical Waste means any waste, generated during the diagnosis, treatment or immunization of human beings or animals or in research activities pertaining thereto or in the production or testing of biologicals, including categories mentioned in the Schedule I of the Bio-Medical Waste Management Rules 2018 as amended till date. GreenTech ensures safe collection, transportation, and disposal of biomedical waste.
Solid & E-Waste Management
According to the Solid Waste Management Rules, 2016 household waste must be segregated at source. The waste is divided into three categories Wet Waste, Dry Waste, and Hazardous Waste.GreenTech will transport, store treat and recycle solid and e-waste. It will also identify gaps in the Solid Waste Management Rules 2016 rules implementation and recommend suitable action to various urban, local bodies and bulk generators.GreenTech also offers assistance in the installation of composting machines or bio-methanation plants for handling wet waste in the bulk generator's premises. Dry, E-waste and Hazardous waste will be removed from bulk generators to be recycled or incinerated.
Our Business
       1. Manage Waste by collecting, transporting, storage handling, treatment, and recycling from bulk waste generators.
       2. Consult on and implement Solid Waste Management Rules 2016 so that clients are benefitted and are benefitting the environment.
       3. One-stop solution for all waste management needs of clients.
Our Infrastructure
       1. Operators of Common Bio-Medical Waste Treatment Facilities (CBWTFs) as part of Urban Infrastructure in West Bengal and other parts of Eastern           India.
       2. Our Kolkata facility caters to Health Care Establishments in South Bengal Districts.
       3. Our facility at Siliguri caters to Health Care Establishments in North Bengal districts of West Bengal.
       4. Bio-Medical Waste Management aims to treat & nullify the threats of Infectious BMW.
       5. Long term contracts with Government and Private HCEs.
       6. A Common Bio-Medical Waste Treatment Facilities (CBWTFs) has been set up in Mograhat in South 24-Parganas district, 25 Km away from Kolkata. The factory has been set up on 1.3 acre plot. In the plant we have an Incinerator with a capacity of 250 Kg./hr. for incineration of soiled waste like expired medicines, bandage, cotton, placenta, amputated body parts or anything infected by blood or body fluid, two(2) Nos. of Autoclaves with a capacity of 432Ltrs/batch for disinfection of solid waste like saline bottles, IV tubes, blades, needle & broken glass, a shredder of 250 Kg./hr. capacity for shredding of disinfected materials and a Biological Effluent Treatment Plant has the capacity of 125KLD for treatment of waste water generated from the incinerator during scrubbing, discharge of waste water from autoclave, vehicle wash, waste carrying bins wash and floor wash.
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